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Noble Hearts Cellars Mission 5/17/2019
8yr old Oliver Ajluni and his mother Shannon 
Flying Oliver and his mother home after Oliver's chemo treatment at Children's Hospital
Both Olly and his Mother Shannon are facing terminal cancer diagnosis

Olly has High Risk Multi System Langerhan Cell Histiocytosis. In other words, a rare cancer of the immune system. It does not stage put like "normal " cancers, but if it did, he would be Stage 4. He currently has involvement in his central nervous system, liver, spleen, and bone marrow. He also has Epilepsy, Adrenal insufficiency, and Diabetes Insipidus as a result of the cancer.
I have Stage 4 breast cancer. Its moved beyond my original tumor site to my bones and most recently, they just biopsied some lymph nodes because they are "suspicious."
Olly was first diagnosed in Dec 2011 at age 18mo. He went into remission in August 2014 at age 4. I was diagnosed Nov 2014 at age 37. I went into remission Jan 2016 at age 38. He relapsed March 2016- now considered terminal, he will never be off treatment, but he is now 8 and a half and we treasure every day. I relapsed May 2018 at age 41and am also now considered terminal, I will never be off treatment.

There are two ways to participate. See below.

2 ways to participate:
Stay in the Loop
Give us your name, email address and mobile phone number and we'll include you in our correspondence concerning upcoming missions and other events at Noble Hearts Cellars. We will not share this information.

We go Live on Facebook during every mission we fly. All Noble Hearts Cellars special events go Live as well. Don’t miss the action and the fun. Watch the major steps of wine making as our winemaker takes you on a tour from harvest to bottling each vintage and share our joy interacting with our passengers during our mission flights. How?  Follow us on Facebook! Social media links below.
Help Sponsor a Flight
Score some awesome wine!
Let’s make a difference together. Sponsor all or part of a flight. Donors who sponsor at least an hour of flight time will receive a bottle of our boutique hand-made wine, your choice of red or white. Half mission sponsors thanked with a mixed case of our wine and whole mission sponsors score TWO cases of our reserve wines… a white and red custom labeled with photo of our passengers and personal thank you.

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